The Male Contraceptive Pill - Statements from the former Chair

Dr. Peter Schlegel James J. Colt, Professor and Former Chair of Urology, Weill Cornell Medical College Professor of Reproductive Medicine, Attending Urologist, New York Presbyterian Hospital

Recently The Telegraph published on the first clinical trials of the male contraceptive pill.  Statements from our physicians are below:

"The recent study on dimethandrolone/progestin as an oral male contraceptive by Dr. Stephanie Page and associates from the University of Washington and associated medical centers, including UCLA, continues to provide data on the potential development of the "male pill."  The article was published in the journal, Andrology, last year (Andrology 2017 Mar;5(2):278-285) and outlines the effectiveness and lack of side effects.  Acceptance and introduction of "male pills" has been limited in the past because of concerns with whether men will actually take the pills reliably as well as the reversability of effects.  It is likely that the drug would still take many years to be available for potential patients."

- Dr. Peter Schlegel

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