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Dr. Schlegel Responds: The Effect of Antioxidants on Male Factor Infertility

Expert Comment by Dr. Peter N. Schlegel: 

2019 Top Stories in Urology: Infertility and the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Published on Practice Update12/09/2019

Why Men Won't Go to the Doctor, and How to Change That (Wall Street Journal)

Why Men Won't Go to the Doctor, and How to Change That; Many men view health complaints as a sign of weakness. So health-care providers are looking for ways around their reluctance.Landro, Laura.Wall Street Journal (Online); New York, N.Y. [New York, N.Y]30 Apr 2019.Men are notoriously bad patients.Compared with women, they avoid going to the doctor, skip more recommended screenings and practice riskier behavior. They also die about five years sooner, live with more years of bad health and have... Read More

Dr. Kashanian Discusses Male Infertility with Time Magazine

"Couples used to assume the problem was with the, physicians, patients and couples are more aware of the male factor," - Dr. James KashanianRead the full article here: The Silent Shame of Male Infertility

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