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Hands-on Training

No-Scalpel Vasectomy Hands-on Training Course

  1. NSV Training Lecture (3 hours)
    • History
    • Preoperative evaluation
    • Patients selection
    • General importance of NSV Preparation
    • Step-by-step NSV instrumentation
    • Step-by-step NSV surgical technique demonstration with slides and videos
    • Short term and long term Complications
    • Postoperative results
    • Evaluation of vasectomy occlusion techniques (sutures, clips, thermal and electrical cautery)
  2. NSV Hands-on Training using a Scrotal Model: (3 hours)
    • Review of the NSV instruction manual and video
    • Learning how to manipulate NSV instruments (Ringed Forceps and Dissecting Forceps)
    • Learning to use the three-finger technique to isolate and fix the vas.
    • Mastery of the NSV vasal block technique for local anesthesia
    • Use of a scrotal model for step-by-step NSV hands-on training
    • Mastery of delivery of the vas with NSV instruments without destruction the vasal vessels or nerves.
    • Learning to perform a good NSV with minimal bleeding and pain.

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