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Selected Publications


M. Goldstein; W. Hsiao; J.S. Rosoff; J.R. Pale; J.L. Powell. Varicocelectomy is associated with increases in serum testosterone independent of clinical grade.. Urology. 2013;81(6):1213-1218. Google Scholar

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M. Goldstein; M.G. Funaro; H.H. Kim; S. Mazel; A. Bolyakov; P.N. Schlegel; D.A. Paduch. A novel sorting technology allows for highly efficient selection of sperm without chromatin damage. Sys Biol in Reprod Med. 2013;59():172-177. Google Scholar


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D.A. Paduch; J. Niedzielski; S.J. Skoog. Diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of adolescent varicocele.. Med Sci Monit. 1999;():1255-67. Google Scholar

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