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Fertility Preserving Hernia Repair

A hernia is an abnormal opening (defect) in the abdominal wall that allows the intestines (bowels) to protrude, forming a lump in the groin that may descend into the scrotum. Hernia repair is necessary to prevent a surgical emergency called " strangulated hernia" which occurs when the bowel goes into the hernia sac and is unable to retract into the abdomen. If the blood supply to the bowel is cut off from a narrow opening into the hernia, the bowels can die. Hernia repair will prevent this life threatening complication. The hernia is repaired through a 3-inch incision in the groin. The defect in the abdomen is repaired with either sutures and/or a patch made out of mesh. The methods of repair that we employ are designed to avoid injury to the male reproductive structures and therefore preserve future fertility.

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